JBA training

Our volunteer coaches are dedicated to improving our players on both individual and team level. JBA practices are 2 times per week and occasionally 3 times per week when gyms are available! In addition, JBA organizes clinics during the off season. If your team is playing in a spring league, additional training may be organized by your coach.

During the JBA offseason and Holidays when our school gyms are closed, we are still thinking about our players and promoting other programs! Please see some of our coaches that JBA or some of our players worked with in the past:


Reggie Clinton of RDC Basketball

Despite his young age, coach Reggie is very experienced in improving players at all levels. Reggie works with all levels but his passion and specialty are younger players.

Contact coach Reggie at 425-628-3454 or visit RDC Basketball


Terrance King and Yan Fatien

Many of our players know coach Terrance as he has been running Advantage Basketball group and private sessions for years. In our opinion, attending Terrance’s group session for at least a month is a must. He promotes ball handling and shooting skills and conditioining as a much needed part of competitive basketball. Recenly, he partnered with coach Yan.

Coach coach Terrance at 206-484-4902 or email
Coach coach Yan at 206-617-8099 or email

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